Free Event: Come see the latest tech geniuses

Live from the MGM Arena, Las Vegas will play host to our technology show in April of 2017. This event is a small scale event that is simply for enthusiasts of advanced technology.

We will have many industry insiders at this event and we are excited to talk about the newest television technologies, including curved models and 3D capable TVs that do not require any glasses.

We'll also have some debates, from the debate about where's the best place to buy a TV (led by the author of this blog post: all the way to where are we moving towards i.e. holograms and other new technological advancements.

Pretty cool, huh? If this is something that interests you, sign up on the registration sheet to the left of this article.

This event is family friendly and your kids will certainly enjoy our video game innovation section where we show off some new advancements in 3D, Hologram and Virtual Reality Headsets. Don't worry, it's also fun for adults.

This event takes place April 2017 so make sure to clear your calendars and get ready for some fun. Unlike many other shows, you are allowed to bring your cameras inside and capture all of the footage that you please.

That's all for now, stay geeky my friends!



Hi guys and girls! Meet Donald and I (Mark) at the MGM Technology show in 2017 as we host many of the industry's finest professionals in order to see their new products and innovations, as well as for them to announce any new things in their pipeline for our audience.

Don’t miss out. Even if you can’t attend the live event, tell your friends about us!